Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cruise Ship

We leave two weeks from tomorrow and jump on the Saphirre Princess in L.A. and will call that home for a week. We will be going to the Mexican Riviera for the week.
Hope everyone is excited...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Local gal kills Monster Buck.

This is Steph's buck after the broken antlers were repaired...

Stephanie Durfee, a good friend of ours drew the Utah Sportsman Deer tag for 2008-2009. They invitied us to spend some time down on the Henry Mountains helping them look for the buck of a lifetime. We got to see some monster deer and enjoyed the weekends that we spent down there with the Durfee's. Dustin, is a 2nd or 3rd cousin, I think, and is our veterinarian for our dogs. I am very proud of the way they passed lots of big bucks, knowing that they had the opportunity of a lifetime in their grasp, and held out until they found a buck worthy of the permit. Congratulations to Steph and Dustin for taking a magnificent buck.

The deer was broke up but still scored 230 inches. They had a local taxidermist repair the broken antlers with help from some photos and videos of the buck.
After the repairs, the buck scores over 255 inches..... Monster Buck..and largest taken in Utah this year.

Local Bull Elk is the New WORLD RECORD!

The Spider Bull is a local bull that was found on the Monroe Mountain. The bull grossed within 5/8 inch of scoring 500 inches. No elk has ever scored near 500 inches. The bull was guided by Mossback Outfitters. Jace spent a lot of days up searching for this bull, but was not there when they finally found and harvested him.

This will put Monroe Mountain on the map as this record will probably hold up for a long, long time. The previous world record was an elk found dead in frozen in Upper Arrow Lake in British Columbia in 1994, and was submitted to the B&C by the ministry of British Columbia.

The Spider bull beats the old record by over 13 inches.

Tina and Jace find their Buffalo

Congrats to Tina and Jace!
After a cold miserable few days, Jace and Tina find tracks and follow them and find their buffalo and Tina puts it down with one shot.

Ice Fishing for the New Year

Tryen with his fish out on the ice..
Tryen with his fish when he pulled it out of the ice hole.

The fish as it came up to the hole in the tent.

Tryen crashed after a long tough day ice fishing with Grandpa..