Friday, October 29, 2010

JaKell's Fishlake Elk

JaKell finally drew he LE Fishlake elk tag and she took a very nice 6X6 on the evening of the first day. We had a long day, hiking thru a huge lava slide that morning, go get over to where the elk were hanging out. We got to them late and couldn't get them to come out of the trees.
That afternoon Jace was taking her to another spot just over the ridge from where we were that morning and some very unethical hunters, walked right thru them as they were hunting and got ahead of them to get into the area. Chet, Tryen and I were messing around with the boat on the lake, so Chet went over and picked them up in the boat and then took them across the lake and dropped them off near where we were that morning. JaKell, Brandon, and Jace then eased around the hill to where we had heard the bulls that morning, and Jace worked on calling them out for hours. Finally he got the bull to show and JaKell made two great shots bringing the bull down..

It was about 20 minutes before dark and so Jace skinned the whole elk and they hung all the quarters and meat in the trees and didn't get back to the trucks until after 11pm.. We all went over the next morning (1 mile over, and 2 miles back, lol) and I boned out the meat and Jace cleaned all he could from the head. With the help of Chet, Brandon, Jace, and Trevor, we got everything packed back in one trip.

It was a tough year for elk hunting as the weather was hot, and the bulls were very call shy..
The bull is a very pretty, and even bull as you can see, and will make a very beautiful mount..
I have to say "We rule the Fishlake"!!!!
Thanks Kelly for letting us be a part of the fun hunt, and thanks Jace for doing your thing!
It probably wouldn't have happened so easy without your expertise! Of course, you learned from the best!!!