Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Kid's Parade on July 3rd in Richfield

Hadi getting ready to eat dinner at the Tomato Vine
Hadilee pledging to be a good boy scout!
Oh No... spaghetti!
Silly Slurper!
too much spaghetti!!!
Getting ready for the parade.
In the parade on Main Street
Hello Everyone!
Hadilee, CamRee, Malick, MyLee, and Tryen!
The twins, Malick and Mylee

Preparing the wagon!


Kamie said...

I think Hadi is so funny! I miss her! Thanks for all the pictures!

Rick said...

Hadi has been the life of the party. Mom asked the girls to go and get her purse, and Hadi brought back her magnet purse. Mom told her to put it back where she found it, and then mom couldn't find it. I tried to get her to show me and when I'd ask her if she knew where it was, she'd say yes, and we'd run into the bedroom. Then she'd stop and shrug her shoulders, and say, "I don't know where is"!. It is hilarious to hear her say "I don't Know". I started telling her that was her name. We've had fun teasing her. She is a little doll.

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