Saturday, August 18, 2007

Some People have all the LUCK!

Grandpa Dotson recieved a call from the Utah DWR today, and they told him that he was being offered one of the 12 additional bison hunting permits on the Henry Mountains this fall. His name was one of the next 12 on the drawing list from this year's Big Game Drawings.
So, to make a long story short, we now have a very excited Grandpa, and a fun buffalo hunt coming up in November!!!!!!
And to think it was just 3 weeks ago, he caught that monster 38 lb lake trout!!!
Wonder where the luck will surface next? Vegas?????

Congratualtions to Grandpa!! And everyone get ready to come and enjoy a great hunt!
What a year we are having.... Jace catches a huge 6 lb Brookie on the Boulder, Grandpa catches a monster lake trout, Grandma Bev will be shooting a big stinky bull elk on the Fishlake, Chet, Bev, and I will be hunting antlerless elk, Grandma Bev will get to hunt early for a big buck, and then Grandpa Dotson will get to live his dream of hunting a huge buffalo!

At least we know the guy with the luck! So that makes us lucky too....