Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Mom on top of the world.

We decided to take a ride on Saturday up to Fishlake to see if we could start to find a monster bull for Grandma Bev. This photo is right on top of the world. We were on the Lost Creek/Nioche divide looking east. There are some spots where there is still quite a bit of snow. It was really cold compared to the 85-90 degrees we had just left down in the valley! The only bad thing about the trip was we only seen one elk, and it was just a cow......waaaaa.
Of course, we were having prime rib and steak and shrimp at Bowery Haven, about the time we should have been out looking!!! We will really start to get serious in the next couple of months!


Kamie said...

prime rib, steak and shrimp.... when you should have been looking for elk? Whata? You have less than 4 months to look for a elk that is larger than mine, you better get busy... On second thought... maybe you should give up now. :D

Rick said...

What, you have no faith in her guide? Of course you had no faith in him then either, so back off!!!! lol
I never found your bull(s) until the week before your hunt. And mom has 39 days to hunt!!!!
I think even this OLD, SLOW, GRUMPY, WORN OUT, MOSSY BUTT guide can find a simple 380 bull!!! (maybe not sshhhh)
Anyway, it was mainly just a ride to get away from S-T-R-E-S-S down in the valley.... but the intentions were honorable, at least the eating intentions!!!
We could use some help and some extra eyes though, unlike the last hunt....It could happen...
IT WILL HAPPEN! Turkeys are harder than bull elk in the rut. We just need to get mom tuned in on shooting the rifle...and we will do that during the summer at the range.. All is well!

Brandon & JaKell said...

Sounds like fun!!! Can't wait to come down, we miss you guys!!! Kids loved seeing the picture of grandma bev too...hadi started getting mad at me again that she wants to go to your house NOW!!!
:( wish we lived closer. Like your blog-looks good! See you all soon!!!

Kamie said...

so, you should move closer! :)

Brandon & JaKell said...

I think so too :) But jobs, money and stepkids are keeping us up this way for now... someday!!!