Monday, June 11, 2007

This LiTtLe DuDe TaKeS aFtEr HiS GraNdPa.

He likes to just lay around and get serious about fishing! We will be good fishing buddies as we both know how to get really serious!
And comfortable!!

Can't wait to go fishin' with Tryen... He knows just how I like to do it!! HA HA You are funny Tryen!!!!

That is my favorite position too....Kicked back, feet up, and hidden in a little shade!!!!!
You are preety cool, Tyren!


Kamie said...

so are we all going to go camping this weekend? Dustyn and I wanted to go to Fishlake for the weekend, so we were just wondering what everyone else was doing.

How was the concert... I am sure you didn't hate it too bad. I was jealous the whole night! Ha ha! Just kidding! Hope you had a LITTLe fun!

Rick said...

Yep, it's camping weekend again? Anybody got any other spots they would like to go? Chet doesn't want to go back to Fishlake again, but that is the best place for what we want to do. Guess we could go out in the sticks up in 7-mile... Then we could fish a number of places.
The concert was good, but I couldn't hear a dang thing!!! What? Huh? My ears are still ringing!! Huh? What did you write? Huh? They gave me earplugs but I didn't use them..guess I should have...what?
I thought Faith was better than Tim. Her voice is pretty powerful. Tim just kind of ground into the music and blended in, whereas Faith really sang out.
I just can't see spending that kind of money for a headache. LOL.
And I have a hard time sitting that long and not dying.

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