Friday, February 15, 2008


Today I had to say goodbye to an old friend.
I had became really attached to him and had both good times and bad with him.
We shared a lot of memoriable experiences. I took him ice fishing a few times,
took him out feeding turkeys, and for a couple rides up in the mountains.
We spent New Years together, and many weekends just hanging out.
Just last week we went to the Hunting Expo in Salt Lake and attended the Alan Jackson concert. I don't think he enjoyed the concert but he still stayed with me until it was over. In a way, I was glad to see him go. He had a hard personality, and was always green with ???? something. He was very annoying and pretty rough to be around. He had even started to stink a little the last couple of weeks. He did keep me in line though and I appreciated that.
So today I paid my last respects to him and left him at the hospital, dead to the world. The last I seen, my old green CAST was headed for the garbage...
And on the other hand, GOOD RIDENCE!!!!


JaKell and Brandon said...

ha ha ha... you are too funny dad! I love ya. Tryen is going to miss him too :( so pink for CamRee & Hadi now????? or a black walking cast????

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JaKell and Brandon said...

you need to add something to update your blog :) even just say hello and how you do know your grandkids look at it EVERYDAY when they are home to see grandpa. Even 1 post a month would do :) we love you!

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